The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

The HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is chiefly involved in human sexual development and reproduction.


In molecular biology, the human chorionic gonadotropin is a glycoprotein: it has a protein subunit linked to a carbohydrate chain. The protein part of HCG is created by the combination of an alpha subunit having 92 amino acids and a beta subunit with 145 amino acids.


HCG is naturally secreted by the syncytiotrophoblast cells in the placenta, an organ formed during pregnancy from the chorion, the outermost membrane enclosing an embryo. For more details visit 1hcgdrops. HCG is produced in increasing levels during the first trimester (weeks 0 to 12, or months 1 to 3) of a pregnancy. Several tumors or neoplasms, such as abnormal masses in human sex organs, can also abnormally secrete the beta subunit of HCG.


1hcgdropsHCG is a gonadotropin, a type of hormone related to human primary sex organs: the testes in males and the ovaries in females. As such, HCG is one of the many hormones actively participating in a human’s sexual maturity (during puberty or adolescence) and reproduction. Studies have found that HCG supports ovulation and that it can promote production of other hormones like the testosterone and progesterone. And being a hormone, it has dynamic interactions with other hormones such as the luteinizing hormone, the hormone mainly facilitating ovulation and corpus luteum production, and the progesterone that enables the uterus to nurture the pregnancy to full term.

Measurements and Interpretations

The international unit for measuring HCG is established to be milli-international units per milliliter (mIU/mL). HCG can be measured qualitatively or quantitatively using urine or blood samples. Usually, the qualitative tests, those determining the presence of HCG, would require quantitative HCG measurements, which give exact amounts of the hormone, to produce verified medical diagnoses. HCG results need to be evaluated together with other medical tests as different laboratories and hospitals have more than one normal ranges guide. However, in general, males and non-pregnant females would have at most five mIU/mL HCG levels quantitatively.

High Levels of HCG

A woman is determined to be conceiving from results of 25 mIU/mL HCG amounts or greater. Women expecting more than one babies at a time (that is, for multiple pregnancies such as twins or triplets) normally produce more HCG. But in men, elevated HCG levels could detect tumors or abnormal masses in testes.

A positive result in an HCG test could actually be a false positive for some women with molar pregnancy. This could occur when HCG is found in excessive amounts in a urine or blood sample but further tests reveal that a lump of tissues, not a fetus, has formed in the uterus.

Low Levels of HCG

An HCG qualitative assessment that tested negative could be false negative, meaning a female is really pregnant but her HCG levels may be too low to reach the minimum amount to mark a positive result. This could happen to females who have their fetuses implanted to a fallopian tube, a medical condition known as ectopic pregnancy. Abrupt decrease in HCG amounts could also mean a miscarriage has occurred.


Hormones have numerous types and they all take on myriad forms such as protein, as with HCG, and steroids. The discovery that HCG helps boost testosterone production have led to HCG being manufactured as part of several performance-enhancing drugs.

A diet claiming to aid weight loss in a relatively quicker time has also promoted the use of HCG. HCG shots, drops, or pills are given to patients who are also prescribed specific restrictions such as on calorie intake. While HCG as a hormone is found to repress appetite and adjust hormonal imbalance, which are some factors affecting weight, its sale or distribution for weight loss purposes are declared fraudulent. “HCG diet” has no approval from the US Food and Drug Administration because its efficacy and safety on losing weight are not backed up by clinical trials or studies.

While HCG intake is forbidden in some applications, the administration of HCG is beneficial to adolescent males with insufficient sperm counts and to men of early 40s with decreasing testosterone levels. Fertility drugs containing HCG has also been administered to couples who are having difficulties in conceiving.

The human chorionic gonadotropin is also part of a group of assessments aiming to detect congenital or genetic abnormalities even before the baby is born. Analyses of blood samples or placental cells can spot chromosomal defects in the baby such as Down syndrome or possibly problems in the spine or brain.

Why Obtaining High Quality Golf Clubs and Equipment is Important

Just like any other sports, there are various equipment required when playing golf. They are highly important for a player to be able to perform at his best. Without proper equipment, playing the sport will not be as fun and easy. This is the reason why players need to have the equipment they actually need. The type and quality of the golf clubs and equipment play a big role when it comes to playing the sport. Every player who owns high-end equipment is more likely to develop the right skills and have the advantage in every game. For more visit

Improve Each of Your Hits

Golf ClubsEvery piece of equipment can help a player in every game and even in every hit he or she makes. The primary equipment needed to make a successful hit is a golf club. There are various types of golf clubs. There are drivers, fairway woods, iron clubs, wedges, putters and even hybrid clubs. A golfer needs to identify which club he will need for a particular hit. There are also sets of clubs available such as wooden, iron and hybrid. There are even left handed clubs available in the market today. Golfers have their own preferences when it comes to clubs.

Whatever a golfer prefers, it is always best to opt for the ones with high quality. While it is true for most beginners that they need to improve the way they swing, there is no doubt that high quality golf clubs can aid their every hit. By determining the golfer’s skill level, it’d be easy to find out what clubs are ideal for him or her. For intermediate and advanced golf players, precision is highly essential. There is a constant need for them to improve it and that is one of the things that high quality equipment can provide.

Reach Your Best Performance

Golfers need to find golf equipment that are fit for them, especially when it comes to golf clubs. This is considered as one of the important fundamentals needed to improve the consistency of a golfer. There are golfers who customize their golf club sets by matching and mixing. They test these workable golf club sets to search for the feel or trajectory that they want. This is a process that needs to be done in order to improve their performance. However, a person has to be patient since this takes a lot of time as well as a considerable amount of money. Fortunately, high quality equipment can make things a lot easier. A golfer simply needs to seek the features he is looking for.

Break Your Limits

Everyone has limitations, including golf players, but that doesn’t mean that people need to live with it. All athletes crave to surpass their limits and become a better player. If you are one of them, then you will be glad to know that you can actually improve the aspects that you want to get better at including your weaknesses. There are golf training equipment available in the market today. However, you need to ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable online store in order to have the guarantee that you will get high quality products that can effectively enhance your skills.

If you try to look for reputable online golf stores, you will be able to get all of the equipment you need from golf clubs and balls to training aids, gears and sophisticated devices. There are countless stores you can choose from. You just have to be sure of the quality of every item they sell. You will be able to do this by checking the ratings that their clients left. You will also have to get all of the details you need for every item to know which ones have the features that you are looking for.

Top Reasons Why Customers Leave a Company according to Motivational Speakers

All entrepreneurs would agree that they won’t be in business without customers. Hence, they do everything to retain their current customers and gain more while they are in business. To avoid losing their income sources, many entrepreneurs consult motivational speakers to know why their clients leave their services and solutions to the problem. Common reasons why customers prefer to depart from their current service providers are the following:

Competitors Got Their Attention

Customers always look for a company that gives their money’s value. However, majority of consumers prefer economical services or product rates to save money. Some lucky ones, however, leave their current service provider to move to a different company that offers cheap rates with better and more efficient services.

Companies offer their clients with various retention programs to keep them doing businesses with their companies. But fact is motivational speakers can educate companies about additional strategies for customer retention also you can get more idea from motivational-speaker-success. A usual practice is to know the competitors’ rates and product or service specifications. The company can tweak its services they offer to keep them from hemorrhaging customers.

Experiencing Low Quality Service or Products

motivational speakersFirst-hand experience of receiving low quality services and products is the major turn off among customers. As individuals who pay for the service, they expect to receive what they’re paying for, especially for high profile clients like for those with premium account. They signed up for more costly services. Hence, they would rather go to another company to get their money’s value if they don’t get what they deserve from their current service providers.

In this case, the main solution is to enhance or improve the product and services. The question is how they can start enhancing their offers? Motivational speakers can shed light on what they’re doing right or wrong in their current services. They will know what factors to retain and to change. Additional strategies like communicating with clients about how they can improve or comparing their services with competitors’ are great tools that benefit the company.

Customer Service Perception

Several companies indeed offer outstanding services, which help them retain their customers for life. Nevertheless, some find themselves losing clients because of perception on their services. Some clients feel that they are not satisfied with the service despite its stellar profile.

Most of the time, clients have a basis why they felt dissatisfied with a product or service. Some business aspects like communication or presentation probably went wrong along the way, which results to dissatisfaction among customers.

Motivational speakers study and teach companies about why there are still dissatisfied customers even with their top caliber offers. Together with the company, these speakers or gurus will peruse over customer service documentations and standard operating procedures to pinpoint the cause of low satisfaction ratings. They’ll also take into consideration the differences between clients according to their profile to solve the issue and further enhance their services.

Leaving Without a Trace

According to studies, more than 90 percent of customers leave companies without complaints. This makes it tough for the company to pinpoint the cause. These reasons are often unknown, but an expert motivational speaker can also highlight several reasons why a client may leave. They gather data to see if the loss occurred in a certain time of the year and compare it with the market status. It’s probable that a new company offering similar services at cheaper prices emerged that caused clients to transfer service providers.

Numerous reasons can be used to prevent customers from leaving your company. Getting helpful points from motivational speakers will determine why your business is losing customers and improve your services or products for the best. Be sure to discuss your business profile and operation with an expert to retain loyal customers.


Custom coins and Challengecoins4less represent a sign that proves membership, shows the excellence of a person based on his performance, recognizes the commitment given by the members of an organization, and displays the zeal and the unity that grows from within the group. The coins must, therefore, display the sign, seal, emblem, or insignia that the group, team, corporation, or organization, is using for its objectives, vision, or mission. To be able to have a grasp on how these symbols boost morale, inspire people to perform better, and make them continue to uphold the organization’s principles for the betterment of the community, one must look deeper to these coins. This means that one must understand these coins beyond plain view.

These coins are usually made through the following steps:

1. Designing

Custom CoinsCustom coins are started by making the design to be used on them. It can range from symbols chosen by a person, to the seal, emblem, or insignia used by the organization. It can also involve creating taglines that will describe the organization, or some lines of its vision and mission statement, such as “Serving the Country with Pride”. The designing part is usually the most difficult, since whatever design is created after brainstorming and deliberation will affect not only the outcome of the coins, but also the effect that it can impart to the bearers, the members, the organization, and most importantly, the people in the community.

2. Shaping

Shaping custom coins is an interesting field as they are not automatically circular. As abovementioned, the designing of these coins is a very crucial part. The shaping of these coins also matters not only because of design purposes, but also because of how people will interpret the design along with the shape. It must be put to mind that these coins are more than decorations and items which are used and exchanged with others. Thus, any alterations may cause misinterpretation. For example, if an organization is using a leaf-like seal, and it makes these coins without this shape, people may see those coins to be made by another organization.

3. Minting

Just like the ordinary coins, custom coins, after being designed and shaped, are minted in accordance with the specifications given by the organization. Though minting is somewhat a ministerial duty of the minting company, care should still be exercised by the organization, because an error in minting may cause the latter to incur more expenses because of minor lapses, say a misspelled word, or an incorrect color of the design. Choosing the metal type to be used in making these coins is also done in this step, and again, the metal to be used is also important, primarily because of its link to resistance against wear and tear. Some metals may lose their quality earlier than the others, and along with this change is the possibility of the design also wearing out.

4. Checking

After these coins are minted, they have to be checked for minor and major flaws. It does not usually take time for checking because the minting companies themselves should already have exercised extraordinary diligence in making these coins.

5. Customizing

There are times that organizations would like to give or issue these coins to their members in a designed form. They may choose to have them customized into keychains, medals, or inserted into plastic containers and velvet bags. They are then delivered for distribution.

Custom coins are made like the traditional coins, but they are more than coins. While they may just be items which can easily be made, making these coins means creating a symbol for the organization’s purpose.

Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit board or PCB is composed of various conductive pathways or traces such as copper wires and fiberglass to support an electronic power system. This is also called a Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) or Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) because of the number of electric components it has.

The printed circuit board has four different types, each having distinct features, complexity, and power levels.

• Single-sided –

pcbnetThis kind of circuit board is considered the simplest and the easiest to make. Its name is derived from its one-sided structure which means wires are printed only in one side. The other side contains holes and traces where the wiring and other components are attached and fused together with the leads that pass through the other side. Unfortunately, it has simple and limited circuit features which give low power, so it cannot be used in large or complex gadgets/devices.

• Double- sided –

The only difference this has from the single-sided circuit board is that both sides contain the same circuit patterns. This is generally used when the electronic components are too many to be put on one side of the board. It goes without saying that the component concentration is significantly higher and its design and lay-out is more complex. The double-sided circuit board is also divided into two types. To know about electronics devices visit

• Plated Trough-Hole (PTH)-

This kind has substrate circuit insulators which are intertwined together in a metalized hole.

• Non-Plated Through Hole (Non-PTH) –

This one is almost the same with one-sided (both do not need plating) and much cheaper than the plated one. The components in these boards can be taken out any time since there are limited fusing terminals on both sides of the board.

• Multi-layered Circuit Boards –

As the name suggests, it is made of multiple layers of copper wires and conductors. The board is made through putting one fiberglass after another until it reaches two to ten (or even more) layers. Each layer is connected with plated-through holes—making its circuit pattern simpler. Obviously, making this kind of circuit board requires precision and accuracy. That is why it is important to use computer programs for design assistance. Although the entangled circuits may sometimes cause signal and frequency failures, its overall advantages are greater compared to those of other types of circuit boards.

• Flexible circuit boards –

This is not considered a major type of circuit board because the materials used are mainly of plastic origin. These kinds of boards are commonly used in televisions, digital cameras, and other complex devices and technologies. Like the other two, it can have a multi-layered circuit board. Interestingly, flexible circuit boards are known for their heat resistance.

There are two other types of circuit boards which are strongly related to PCB. Both are considered circuit boards because they’re similar to PCB in terms of function and looks.

• Integrated Circuit (IC) –

This is a silicon chip which contains numerous circuit components on the surface of a very small chip. This is also popularly called as microchip. It functions in the same way as PCB does.

• Hybrid Circuit –

This one is different from PCB because it contains components which are placed on the substrate instead of being soldered onto the outer surface.

The printed circuit board in general, regardless of its type, is inexpensive but highly beneficial. Effort and determination is required in understanding its complex system. It has a wide range of uses, from your traditional beepers to high technology cellular phones and advanced computer systems. The printed circuit board can also perform one or multiple functions—it all depends on how it is going to be used.

Why do you Need Long Island Foreclosure Attorney?

For most people, their houses are among their most valuable properties. Many people work hard and spend a lot of time to take care of it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that can prevent you from being able to pay your entire mortgage which can result to a foreclosure.

The process of foreclosure is one of the most difficult legal challenges that you have to face. It is often a long and gruelling process that involves so many uncertainties that it can be easily overwhelming for the family involved. One of the best things that you can do is hire a Long Island foreclosure attorney. They can help protect your rights and oppose the foreclosure proceedings by presenting viable litigation defence strategies. Futher detail visit

One of the main reasons to get the help of a Long Island foreclosure attorney is that this legal professional has the knowledge to help you defend your property against the bank’s lawyers. Most of the proceedings are conducted through legal representation. This makes the communication process more productive.

younglawgroupThe second reason for hiring a foreclosure attorney is that you need someone who is familiar with the laws that apply to your case. The paperwork required in the case is full of legal jargon that can be very difficult to understand. The attorney, however, has spent years studying the law and has immersed himself with the legal paperwork involved. Having a legal representative ensures that you are treated fairly in court. Having a foreclosure attorney also ensures that the bank follows the foreclosure process correctly and that you are informed about the proceedings as much as possible.

A foreclosure attorney will be able to explain to you in detail what you need to know to help prevent foreclosure. If there is a procedural mistake on the side of the lender, then it is enough to warrant a dismissal on the case. Loan servicers that usually collect the payments from borrowers can make a serious mistake on your account such as misapplying funds or charging unreasonable fees. Your attorney can help review your payment history and help you identify the error that you can use in your defence at court.

You can even have a great advantage if your attorney found out the foreclosing party cannot prove that it owns your loan. Mortgage loans can be passed from one lending company to another and determining if the foreclosing company actually owns your loan can be difficult in itself. Your attorney can help scrutinize the process and many even prove that the foreclosing company does not own your loan.

Having a Long Island foreclosure attorney can also help you get enough time before finalizing anything. This means that you still have enough opportunity to earn money while being able to stay in the house for the time being. You also get the chance to work an agreement with the bank if your income has been re-established.

Hiring a good foreclosure attorney gives you more option and can assist you in negotiating better terms with the bank. If you work on your own, then you might only be successful in securing a temporary solution at best. If you enlist the help of an attorney, then you will most likely receive a permanent loan modification that will greatly help ease your financial burden.

However, you also have to understand that you have a great role in minimizing the damaging effects of the foreclosure procedure. You only have 20-30 days to answer the initial summons and complaint so you need to act fast. Hiring a Long Island foreclosure attorney as soon as you can enables you to prevent other complications related to foreclosure.

Garden City Realty Offers Ready for Occupancy Resort Condos at Considerable Prices

With the vacation months fast approaching, there are resort condo units that are being offered by Garden City Realty. These are new listings that are available in their website. In a nutshell, here are the remarkable features as well as the price brackets depending on the condo clusters:

1. Breathtaking View of the Ocean

Real EstateA 5-storey condominium allows its occupants to admire the view from the balcony. The vast ocean view of the resort condo is one of the best selling points. The top floor units can be reached using an elevator so senior citizens and persons with disabilities would not have to go up and down several steps.

2. Spacious Bedrooms

Designed for vacationing families, the three-bedroom resort condo unit can perfectly fit 8 to 10 occupants. Each room has its own full bathroom so a long line to go to the bathroom can be avoided. There are also built-in cable TV sets, provisions for internet connections, and a personal refrigerator to contain chocolates and other snacks.

3. Prices Vary per Ocean view Clusters

There are the high-end condo units and villas that Garden City Realty specifically designed for its more well-off occupants. Almost all the features and amenities are similar, but what shows to be above the rest is the remarkable view of the sunset. Such an advantage does not come free since these unit prices vary depending on the cluster you have chosen to occupy. If you want to bye best real estate property then visit URL.

$789,000 price bracket units are reserved for the ones situated at the center of the island – Pawey’s Island. It can be yours if you reserve your slot to purchase a unit here since it is selling like hotcakes! For this price, you gain access to the topmost floors and enjoy a fully-furnished property.

$350,000 price bracket units are within the Beach Ocean cluster. Here, the new owners of the condo unit will have a grand vacation because it is located near the Marina. They can have an unforgettable time when they spend their vacations here. There can cook within the designated grilling areas and have a clambake with their neighbors and friends. This cluster has two swimming pools that can be accessed by the occupants. This is exciting since these pools were designed to be used by both adults and children. There is a stationed lifeguard in both pools for added security and peace of mind. The units have two bedrooms will individual full bathrooms.

$219,000 price bracket units belong to the cluster located at the Surfside Beach. This happens to be an instant hit among newlyweds who would want to own a small vacation getaway. The ownership in one of these condos is easy and well explained by the sales agents at the Garden City Realty.

How to choose your own badge lanyards

Badge lanyards are becoming popular choices for different companies and schools who want to incorporate their own logo into their neck lanyards. You can visit The Lanyard Authority to view some of their customizable lanyards.

Badge Lanyards

The site offers different kinds of lanyards and use different methods of printing as well. The choice of what method of imprinting depends on your budget as well as the chosen material for your lanyard. People who wish to spend less on their lanyards can choose the hot stamping method. It is the most economical choice but it comes with color limitations. It is best used on short term events and tradeshows. Screen color printing costs more than the hot stamping method but it is also more durable.

If you want to transfer your artwork into your lanyards, you should choose the full color method. This can also be used for printed badge reels, dog tag lanyards and retractable lanyards. Laser printing is used for metal badges. It marks the surface using high energy light. It is usually used in dog tags. Another option in printing includes embossing method. This is used in stamping letters, numbers and characters into your badges and some dog tags.

Basic types of badges

Button badges

This type of badges comes in different sizes from small to large. Button badges are circular in shape. The badges have three layers: the base, the design layer and the covering. The base is usually made from metal but can also come in hard plastic. To make sure that your design remains intact, use high quality ink and matt paper. This can also prevent fading.

Resin Badge

You can also have badge lanyards with resin badge. Resin badges are also called as domed badges. It is also made of three layers: the plate, the printed design and the dome. Unlike the button badge, resin can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is usually accompanied by a clip of pin for attachment. You can also add magnetic filling but this usually adds more cost.

Resin badges are ideal for name badges. The glossy finish provides the badge a more professional look. If you wish to customize your own badge, make sure that you use good ink and that the design is clearly printed on paper. This type of badge does not only look good but are also very durable as well.

Framed badges

This type of badge is similar to resin badge but it has a metal frame around it. The frame can add a different appeal to your badge. It makes it look more impressive and professional. It is available in different sizes and shapes.

Cloth badge

Cloth badges are made popular by organizations that use them as awards such as scouting and the military. Many businesses and academic institutions also use lanyard badges for identification. Unlike other types of badge lanyards, cloth badges are sewn in cloths. You can attach this badge in your lanyard itself.

After choosing the type of lanyard and badge of your choice, you can also add in a badge reel. This accessory comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs and preference. Badge reels from The Lanyard Authority have four main parts: the clothing attachment, housing case, retractable cord and attaching hardware. The clothing attachment enables you to attach it to your shirt or neck badge lanyards. The retractable cord allows you to pull your ID in a longer distance without damaging your lanyard. The attaching hardware houses your cards and other items. It can also hold keys, pens and small tools like mini flashlights.

Five Practices to Boost HRCI Recertification Training

According to surveys, disengaged employees often result in a decrease in customer satisfaction and lower productivity rate. Unmotivated employees hinder organizations from achieving its goals and missions. Employees’ non commitment of living by the principles and goals of the company may significantly affect the overall performance of the organization. To address this issue, it is important to understand proper management in boosting HRCI Recertification Training. Building an organization with highly motivated employees will surely be not an over-night transformation, but is achievable through gradual integration of an employee-friendly environment.

So, how can one create an organization with highly engaged employees? Here are five vital practices to integrate in the workplace’s culture:

1.  Create a safe environment.

HRCI Recertification TrainingWhen employees feel secured within their work environment, they tend to employ better approaches at work. Imagine children at home – when parents provide their children a less risky environment, children explore more, discover more, and produce creative things out of the resources they can get around. Similarly in a company, employees can discover their full potentials when managers encourage them to offer and execute their ideas without risking their positions and well-being.

2.  Revisit the organization’s vision.

According to a survey, four out five employees do not know – or cannot remember – the vision of their companies. Visions are made so team members can work together towards one ultimate goal. When employees start to not to mind any of these visions, the overall performance of the organization may also crumble down. Revisiting the company’s vision once in a while will help in connecting employees and in molding a closer, more motivated work environment. This important strategy will allow the employees’ personal goals to align with that of the company’s, resulting to an increase in HRCI Recertification Training .

3.  Enforce an effective leadership.

Leadership is not as simple as ordering the subordinates around. Subordinates are supposed to be the leader’s teammates, not slaves. Managers must consistently communicate with the employees to empower, set directions, and motivate actions aligned with the company’s visions. Employees rely to their leaders very much that failing to connect with their bosses can result to job hatred. This is why some companies keep a close watch on their employees’ Facebook and Twitters posts; an I-hate-my-boss related statuses is definitely not a good sign for the team. Effective communication between leaders and employees can simply eliminate these conflicts.

4.  Boost participation from all levels.

Involvement with corporate tasks start with involvement in the company’s internal relationships. Organize team building where employees from the lower positions can act as leaders too. This will help employees realize more of their capabilities while reducing the barriers between the bosses and them. HRCI Recertification Training  can be enhanced when employees know it is okay to interact with their leaders and managers

5.  Reward employees for hard work.

People have a natural urge to feel appreciated. Aside from the usual financial incentives and employee benefits, appraisals and positive comments can increase motivation at work. Positive reinforcements such as giving “employee of the month” awards, or even a simple “thank you” and “great work” messages, can highly reinforce HRCI Recertification Training . Acknowledging that their works are helpful and their efforts contribute to the success of the company is one of the key in maintaining good performance from the team members.

When all these are applied to create a safe and motivated environment, employees will adapt accordingly. Employees who participate, take risks, and contribute without tight restrictions can help any organizations to perform well and generate good outcome. Remember that when employees start to realize that their voices are equally heard, HRCI Recertification Training  develops and contributes to the overall wellness of the company.